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  • Audacious Prom Dresses  M  qp

    Aimed at young people who want to look good at their school prom this site was specifically designed to be accessed on mobile devices, especially smart phones.

  • Black Barn Crafts  q  qp

    A different approach to the design of this was called for due to the 'handmade' nature of the products. There's also a shop within the site selling 'shabby chic' using PayPal as the ecommerce platform.

  • Bridget's Flowers  q  qp

    A beautiful flower shop with really colourful photography. This site uses PayPal as the ecommerce platform.

  • Collisons-Cut-Flowers  q  qp

    Collison's Cut Flowers is a modern corporate website with content editable by the client via our CMS system.

  • Ellerdene Guest House  q  qp

    Ellerdene Guest House situated in the beautiful Lake District. This site plugs in to a 3rd party booking system.

  • Lynnstar Distribution  M  q  qp

    A picture tells a thousand words... what about a movie then!? This site takes it to a whole other level.

    We love this one!

  • Uniq Developoments q  qp

    A simple yet effective website does what it says on the tin!

  • R. W. Walpole Ltd  q  qp

    A corporate website based on the Wordpress original presented by the client.

  • Southview Guest House  M  q  qp

    This website has sliders, light-box image galleries as well as booking system plug-ins.

  • The Attick  E  q  qp

    A full database driven e-commerce online store.

  • T. M. Browne Ltd  M  q  qp

    Recently rebuilt for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile this website is listed as "Awesome" by Google's Mobile test.

  • Carole Wilson Acupuncture  q  qp

    Website Zen!

Some of our clients websites

The letter 'M' after the name indicates they have opted for mobile/tablet friendly versions too and these can be accessed via your smartphone or iPad etc. A letter 'E' denotes a database driven Ecommerce site where the client manages the content.

Web Design, creating a window to the world

Websites are often the initial contact for your customers with your business. So your website needs to be designed in such a way that it should be easily viewed and engaged with by customers without hassle or confusion. A good web site design is a great way to communicate. It is extremely important to get the look and feel of your e-commerce solution right.

At NSG-Ltd (NSG-Ltd - situated midway between King's Lynn, Wisbech and Downham Market) we have talented web developers at our disposal, creative web designers, people who can design and implement PHP forms or construct E-commerce solutions complete with payment solutions like Volusion, Shopify, Actinic, Paypal etc. Or we can construct simpler static websites which display your products and services.

Websites which explain how customers can contact you, buy your stock or arrange for a quotation or a visit. Google maps can show the way to your door and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin can help develop links with your web site and promote your website on other platforms and search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Maybe you are self employed and you don’t yet have a website - we can help create a modern internet presence linked to your business Facebook or Twitter accounts.

If you have content management built into your website you can access the online editing feature here (you will need your login details):

Adobe Muse Sites | Older CMS (nsg.clienteditor)

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